• Report
  • 8 November 2016

Why was IODC2016 important for Joined-Up Data Standards?

This report was authored by Tom Orrell, Senior Advocacy Adviser at Publish What You Fund – our partners on the Joined-Up Data Standards project

In July this year we launched a consultation paper aimed at starting a discussion on what technical and political solutions to joined-up data challenges could look like at a global level. As part of the ongoing consultation process we recently held and took part in a number of events at the 4th International Open Data Conference (IODC2016) in Madrid, Spain.

It’s always been an underlying assumption that joining-up data standards is a complex medley of both technical and political challenges. With this in mind, IODC2016 provided us with a perfect opportunity to engage with technical and policy experts from a wide range of backgrounds.

Read our full report on JUDS participation and discussions on joined-up standards at IODC2016, including information on the JUDS side event and Standards day.

This report was written as a part of the Joined-up Data Standards project, a joint initiative between Development Initiatives and Publish What You Fund.