• Investments to end poverty 2018 Report - Figure 5.3

Comparison of projected international flows to education for 'countries being left behind' and other developing countries following business as usual and if donors meet 0.7% GNI by 2030, 2017–2030


The figure highlights whether in two different scenarios the education funding gap will be met by 2030. The scenario in which DAC donors reach the 0.7% target for ODA as a percentage of GNI by 2030 is based on applying estimated growth rates for each respective flow and current levels of the flow to education to each successive year from 2017 up to 2030. The required funding for education level is based on the UNESCO's Global Monitoring Report statement of an additional US$22 billion per year to bring quality and universal education by 2030 added to the volume of existing external education flows in 2016. ODA data shown is in net disbursements.




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