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29 June 2023

What’s changing about the UK’s efforts on global nutrition?

New analysis lays bare the dramatic scaling back of the UK’s efforts on global nutrition. What does this mean for the UK’s engagement on this agenda moving forwards?

Written by Anna Hope

External Relations & Marketing Lead

27 June 2023

Artificial intelligence for public good

DI's Claudia Wells explains how artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to enhance data systems in low- and middle-income countries while outlining the ethical considerations that must be taken into account when harnessing this technology.

Written by Claudia Wells

Director of Data & Evidence

13 June 2023

Reduced visibility? Opening up World Bank climate finance data

DI adapts World Bank data to allow users to identify which of their twenty thousand plus projects count towards the aggregate climate finance figures, and by how much.

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

19 May 2023

SDG learnings from the World Data Forum in Hangzhou: Falling between stools and masters

Are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) trying to be too many things to too many people? Is this the reason for the challenges documented in our recent discussion paper on the SDG monitoring framework?

Written by

Bill Anderson, Claudia Wells

17 April 2023

New DAC data reveals the impact of the Ukraine invasion on aid

The rise in in-donor refugee costs associated with the Ukraine invasion means less money for LDCs. The latest DAC data shows they are paying the price for challenges elsewhere.

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

10 April 2023

Will transforming the global financial architecture deliver for people living in poverty?

Everyone is talking about MDB reforms. DI’s Fionna Smyth asks: what kind of evolution do we need to solve current crises equitably, inclusively and accountably?

Written by Fionna Smyth

Director of Influence & Growth

5 April 2023

Reflections on the future of financing for development in the countries with the greatest needs

The world is not currently on track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. In this blog, Maria Ana Jalles d’Orey and Martha Getachew Bekele explore how key takeaways from LDC5 could help inform future development financing decisions.

Written by

Maria Ana Jalles d’Orey, Martha Getachew Bekele

16 March 2023

Spiralling emergency accommodation costs from the UK’s Home Office are diverting aid from the world’s poorest

This blog argues that the UK should remove in-donor refugee costs from its aid target to avoid failing the people most in need.

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

8 March 2023

Why good data is key to unlocking gender equality

Fionna Smyth, DI’s Director of Growth and External Relations, shares her experiences of how data-driven solutions can support progress towards gender equality.

Written by Fionna Smyth

Director of Influence & Growth