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4 April 2022

Data to manage uncertainty and risk that leaves no one behind

How can data enable effective risk management to mitigate the worst outcomes for people experiencing vulnerability and leave no one behind?

Written by Deborah Hardoon

Poverty & Inequality Lead

22 March 2022

Data kitchens – putting users at the centre of development solutions

Following the 53rd session of the UN Statistical Commission, DI’s Claudia Wells unpacks what putting users at the heart of data solutions really means

Written by Claudia Wells

International Hub Director

21 February 2022

To eradicate poverty, development practitioners must tackle inequality

DI’s Deborah Hardoon explores why understanding the relationship between poverty and inequality needs to be high on the sustainable development agenda.

Written by Deborah Hardoon

Poverty & Inequality Lead

14 February 2022

How can data drive equality for persons with disabilities?

Ahead of the 2022 Global Disability Summit, Deborah Hardoon and Tim Molyneux explain why assessing financing to address challenges faced by persons with disabilities is not easy.

Written by Deborah Hardoon

Poverty & Inequality Lead

11 February 2022

To build back better from Covid-19, we need rapid structural change

DI's CEO Harpinder Collacott reflects on the need for a major paradigm shift in how we raise international public finance

Written by Harpinder Collacott

Chief Executive Officer

13 January 2022

Latest aid data: large increase in multilateral loans to poorest countries

DI’s Rob Tew and Tim Molyneux consider what partial data released by the OECD can tell us about recent trends in disbursements of official development assistance, and what this may mean for the future.

Written by

Rob Tew, Tim Molyneux

26 November 2021

Driving change in quality funding with improved transparency

Angus Urquhart and Verity Outram ask for your help to ensure the right data and systems are available to inform the technical and political changes needed to achieve a critical mass of quality humanitarian funding and monitor progress towards this goal.

Written by

Angus Urquhart, Verity Outram

18 November 2021

Improving statistical capacity and data literacy in Somalia

Guest author Sharmarke Farah, Director-General of the Somali National Bureau of Statistics, reflects on the progress his young agency has made and how a newly launched learning platform will play an important role in continuing to improve data literacy in Somalia.

Guest author

Written by Sharmarke Farah

Director General of Somalia National Bureau of Statistics

11 November 2021

Proportion of UK aid spent in developing countries set to shrink further

Proposed ODA allocations outlined by the UK government at the recent budget mean the proportion of aid going to the countries that need it most will shrink even further. DI’s Rob Tew looks at what exactly the announced changes will mean in terms of actual resources transferred.

Written by Rob Tew

Head of Technical Development