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23 June 2015

Outcomes from ‘Interactive Dialogue on Humanitarian Financing’, ECOSOC Humanitarian Affairs Segment

The urgent question of how to meet crisis with financing is attracting a huge amount of attention right now. The  UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel o
9 June 2015

One year on from the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict: have pledges turned into commitments?

Exactly one year ago the Global Summit on Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict brought together governments, donors, multilateral agencies and civil society
8 June 2015

Where do aid investments targeting persons with disabilities go?

Recording systems for donors’ aid do not capture the true scale of aid investments relevant for persons with disabilities. We estimate that over a third of
3 June 2015

Burundi at a crossroads: the money matters

What is happening? The Republic of Burundi has, in the last few months, gone from being a stabilising post-conflict nation to being on the brink of disaste
Guest author

Written by Jason Braganza

20 May 2015

Financing for social protection in LDCs

Current levels of social protection investments – domestic and international – in least developed countries (LDCs) are not enough to respond to extreme pov
15 May 2015

ODA to LDCs targets: what do the data tell us?

Why LDCs? Remarkable development progress was seen between 1990 and 2010 as extreme poverty rates were halved. But ending poverty requires a shift of focus
Guest author

Written by Ian Townsend

14 May 2015

Private donors provided 23% of Typhoon Haiyan response but only 5% and 6% to Syria and Ebola respectively

The most recent report from our Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA) programme, Humanitarian assistance from non-state donors – Latest trends, shows that p
13 May 2015

Public calls for better data and traceability in response to Nepal earthquake

To date, a total of US$156 million in international humanitarian funding has been allocated to the Nepal earthquake crisis according to the UN Office for t
30 April 2015

Burundi at a crossroads

Protestors see the President’s decision as unconstitutional because the presidential office is limited to two terms. The protests and ensuing violence is t
Guest author

Written by Jason Braganza