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5 October 2015

Five reasons why ending poverty will be tougher than halving it has been

In late September, the UN General Assembly ratified the Sustainable Development Goals. These are a new set of global goals established to replace the Mille
2 October 2015

The World Bank is changing the $1.25-a-day measure of extreme poverty

What is changing and what does it mean? The long-standing global benchmark indicator of $1.25 a day used for measuring and monitoring progress on extreme p
4 September 2015

Gap between the best- and worst-funded UN-coordinated appeals widens

In 2014 the gap between the best- and worst-funded appeals (Ukraine and Nigeria, respectively) grew to 78% in 2014, the widest since 2008. Funding to five
4 September 2015

Functioning birth registration systems are lacking in most African countries

Civil registration of births is essential for both statistical and administrative purposes. The data collected is needed to determine population size and u
1 September 2015

Quantifying the challenges facing the Data Revolution in Africa: A first attempt

The job of statisticians is to make the best sense they can of the data available to them. By and large they do a good job. National Statistics Offices pla

Written by Bill Anderson

Data & Information Architect

28 August 2015

Half as much aid goes to sanitation than water within the sector

Source: OECD CRS The year 2015 marks the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The MDG target of halving the proportion of the population wi
27 August 2015

Loans represent half of aid to water and sanitation

Aid to water and sanitation is increasingly delivered as concessional loans Aid is composed of both grants and loans that meet the concessionality criteria
26 August 2015

Recent decline in share of aid to the water and sanitation sector could compromise progress to universal access

  Source: OECD CRS Over the next 15 years, countries aim to deliver universal access to water and sanitation This is outlined in goal 6 of the sustain
26 August 2015

Shifting trends in displacement from Africa to the Middle East

There has been a shift in the geographic and economic contexts of displacement, necessitating changes in who is best placed to fund and deliver assistance,