Should the UK's overseas development budget be cut?


In a time of economic difficulty and domestic social tension, the overseas development budget is a very easy target. UK citizens can rightly question why their taxes should be used for development in other (and geographically distant) countries, while domestically more public spending is needed to improve social safety nets and welfare in this difficult […]

UK spotlight on multilateral aid


DFID is in the process of reviewing its multilateral aid expenditure for value for money. The process began back in June when multilateral organisations were given the opportunity to comment on the methodology and draft criteria for the review. Ten country case studies were then carried out in August to obtain the views of local […]

Guardian article suggests snips to pooled funding


Recently reported in the Guardian newspaper, a leaked memo between the director of policy at DFID, Nick Dyer and the Secretary for International Development, Andrew Mitchell suggested that there will be significant spending cuts to the UKs aid budget under the new coalition government. As part of these suggested cuts the UK would reduce funding […]