The Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan final funding update: Funding to the emergency now over US$500 million, with 30% of UN appeal requirements met


Forty two days after the typhoon struck landfall, affecting over 14 million people, 4 million remain displaced and, according to the World Food Programme (WFP), 2.5 million still require food assistance. Following damage, loss and needs assessments, the Government of the Philippines yesterday published a US$8 billion strategic plan for reconstruction in the affected areas. […]

What do Ireland and Qatar have in common? - Nine new GHA country profiles available.


Today nine new humanitarian assistance country profiles go live on the GHA website. Three new donor profiles, Ireland, Norway, and Qatar; and six new recipient profiles, Burundi, Mali, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, and Syria as well as the Philippines added in the light of the current Typhoon Haiyan emergency response. These profiles are there as […]

Typhoon Haiyan funding update: Pledges double, new donors commit funding


Since yesterday there have been significant changes in the reported financial response to the crisis in the Philippines; Pledges have doubled from US$52 million yesterday and now total US$103 million New pledges include US$10 million from Kuwait A further US$25 million of committed funding has been reported, of which, a small proportion has been allocated […]