Meeting the challenge of financing for sustainable development


I am delighted to join the Development Initiatives (DI) team as a Fellow and excited to contribute to the organisation’s vital work to reduce poverty, improve data and analysis on development, and boost high-quality investment and resources to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a researcher, analyst and practitioner on development finance, including […]

Mobile and Internet use in crisis-affected communities: Can I phone a friend?


Affordability, availability, literacy, gender, age, status, cultural preference, political environment and the media/IT/telecoms infrastructure are just some of the dynamics at play in the uptake, choice and use of new technology. Given that these vary so much by context and area, it is hard to draw hard and fast conclusions about the role of new […]

Crowd sourcing: the future of humanitarian response?


The new buzz word of the humanitarian world is crowd sourcing. Crowd sourcing is when a group or community uses communication technology tools, such as SMS or the internet, to report information. Some argue that “mobile phones, mapping technology and social networking can enable citizens in crisis to seek help, facilitate aid deliveries, bear witness […]