Risk and resilience

Does DFID’s new fragile states list point towards a shift in funding allocation?


Last week, the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) published a new Fragile States and Regions List to guide its approach in allocating resources within the context of the recent UK Government Spending Review and the new UK Aid Strategy. The new UK Aid Strategy makes the commitment to ‘allocate 50% of DFID’s budget to […]

How does the response to typhoon Haiyan compare with other recent natural disasters?


International financial assistance to survivors of the Philippines Typhoon has been significant and steady. Levels of international concern and generosity have been high. But despite the fact that over 5 times as many people were affected by this disaster than by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, less than a sixth has been given at the same […]

Tracking progress in social protection financing in Africa


Our Uganda partners, Development Research and Training together with the Economic Policy Research Centre recently organised a regional conference on social protection financing in Africa in Kampala, Uganda. The conference brought together participants from across East, Central and Southern Africa. It was aimed at creating a platform for policy makers and other development practitioners, to share […]

Economic growth won’t be enough to help Uganda’s poorest


The 2013 Chronic Poverty Report from Uganda (authored by our partners DRT Uganda, and the Chronic Poverty Research Centre) makes sobering reading. Entitled “Is anybody listening?” the report emphasises the continuing multi-dimensionality of Ugandan poverty. The title refers to what the authors see as as a fundamental disconnect between the Ugandan chronically poor, and Ugandan […]

‘Year of perpetual crises’ exposes chronic poverty and vulnerability


The Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA) report 2013, released today by Development Initiatives at the UN’s ECOSOC meeting in Geneva, highlights the absence of any ‘mega-disasters’ in 2012 but reveals the perpetual vulnerability of the poorest people in developing countries and their persistent exposure to crises. The GHA report, the most comprehensive annual review of humanitarian financing, […]

Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2013


The Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA) Report 2013 provides a current and comprehensive picture of global humanitarian financing, and describes some of the key trends and developments of the past decade.

Mobile and internet use in crisis-affected countries


Global Humanitarian Assistance Head of Information Services, Lisa Walmsley, has been taking a look at some statistics on the uptake of mobile and Internet services in crisis-affected countries. She has synthesised some of the  research undertaken and shared by people such as the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Infoasaid, the CDAC network and BBC Media Action on use and barriers to […]

Uganda: the resource picture


Uganda, formerly a major recipient of humanitarian aid, is entering a new phase of recovery and reconstruction, with an increased emphasis on domestic investments in anticipating and preparing for disasters.