Using hydrological data to reduce disaster risk and enhance community resilience in Nepal

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Regional training for a community-based flood early warning system, Lalitpur, Nepal. Photo: ICIMOD, Kathmandu Rajendra’s demand for data and information “We need real-time data on flooding so we can issue early warnings to both communities at risk and disaster management authorities, so they are informed and prepared” Until 2009 the water levels of Nepal’s rivers […]

Using supply-chain data to improve the quality of public health services in Nepal

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Gyan’s demand for data and information “We use data to ensure balance in stock levels so that adequate health supplies and medicines are made accessible all-round the year and in every part of the country based on the people’s need” Until relatively recently, the exchange of information between health facilities at the district level and […]

Using agricultural data to guide government’s food security efforts in Nepal

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Santosh’s demand for data and information “We need a large variety of data for analysing the various dimensions of food security across the country and to ensure we keep poverty at bay” Nepal’s extreme climate variability, hilly terrains and prevalence of rain-fed subsistence farming mean production of food can be unstable and difficult to predict. […]

The use of data by government actors in Nepal to solve development problems

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The ability of national and local government actors in developing countries like Nepal to produce and use relevant, timely and disaggregated data is critical to development success and sustainability. For international actors to make a valuable contribution to revolutionising the production, sharing and use of data for development, they must be informed by the needs […]

Nepal earthquake: One year on, what has the response been?

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Immediately after the Nepal earthquake the world reacted generously, with international governments, multilateral agencies and private donors pledging support of over US$4 billion. But Nepali citizens and agencies acting on their behalf needed to know more than how much had been offered; they needed to know how money was being spent – where, when, on […]

10 things we learnt from Nepal’s first government panel debate on open data

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By Pavitra Rana from Open Nepal – a network, supported by Development Initiatives, to promote more effective development through the increased sharing and use of data Open Data Day 2016 attendees were given insight into open data issues through the lens of Nepal’s most influential data supplier – our government. The panel included the Central […]

Public calls for better data in Nepal


To date, a total of US$156 million in international humanitarian funding has been allocated to the Nepal earthquake crisis according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)’s Financial Tracking Service (FTS). See our Global Humanitarian Assistance programme’s recent humanitarian funding analysis for the Nepal earthquake crisis. DI’s partner in Nepal through […]

Exploring the context for open data in Nepal

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In response to this, through the Open Data in Developing Countries (ODDC) research programme, we at Development Initiatives have over the past year supported a study by Freedom Forum. The aims of the study were to research the context for open data in Nepal and improve our understanding of what needs to be in place […]