Metadata for open data portals

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However, despite more data being published in open formats, data scientists, journalists and analysts are often left with a daunting and time-consuming task of not only finding relevant data and discovering new datasets, but most importantly understanding it before any analysis can be done. That information should be found in the metadata that should couple […]

How can Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) be used to address the needs of databases?

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DCAT is a well-documented, flexible and practical metadata standard that is grounded in the solid foundations of Dublin Core. DCAT is an elegant standard to use for datasets published by a single source; however, it became more complicated when applied to the Development Data Hub or its underlying Data Warehouse. This paper aims to find a […]

Why do databases need metadata?

Data use

Why do metadata standards matter? Undoubtedly, data plays an important role in eliminating poverty. It can help us track if girls and boys have equal access to education, and observe trends in child and mother mortality at birth in developing countries, for example. In doing so, it can help us to target interventions for maximum […]