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Global Nutrition Report highlights need for critical change in response to malnutrition


With almost every country in the world facing a serious nutrition-related challenge, whether from undernutrition or obesity, the report authors call for a critical change in the global response to malnutrition in all its forms and action throughout the goals to tackle the many causes of malnutrition. The report finds that 88% of the 140 […]

Improving data on ageing to leave no one behind


At the end of August, I participated in a meeting in Winchester, UK, with colleagues from national statistical offices, UN agencies, NGOs and academia, to discuss the need for better disaggregation by age and ageing-related statistics. The UK’s Office of National Statistics hosted the technical group to lay the groundwork for the creation of the […]

Two years in – are people’s lives improving?


The High Level Political Forum (HLPF), which took place over recent days in New York, was an opportunity to review progress in addressing the ambitious challenges of Agenda 2030. I was there to beat the drum for the critical role that better, disaggregated data will need to play if we’re to truly leave no one […]

Leveraging interlinkages for effective implementation of SDGs


Date Friday 14 July 2017 Time 09:00–13:00 (UTC) Location Conference room 4, UN Plaza, New York About The interlinked and indivisible nature of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires an in-depth discussion of the interconnections between the various goals and targets. There is a large body of analytical research and evidence supporting integrated policymaking, implementation […]

Leave no one behind: Ensuring inclusive SDG progress


Date Tuesday 18 July 2017 Time 13:15–14:30 (UTC) Location Conference room 11, UN Plaza, New York About To implement Agenda 2030, governments and civil society committed to work for all people and segments of society, leaving no one behind and endeavouring to reach those furthest behind first. Many initiatives around the world are working to […]

Making the case for disaggregated data: A look at Ethiopia


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development lays out an ambitious vision of a future where no one lives in extreme poverty. At the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals is a commitment to ensure that ‘no one is left behind’ and that no goal is considered met unless met for all. But if we are […]

P20 Initiative: Baseline report


In 2015, world leaders agreed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030). Its goal is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere, with a specific target to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030 and a commitment to leave no one behind. Achieving these ambitions will be much harder than meeting the Millennium Development Goals. […]

Building partnerships to leave no one behind


Date: 28 March 2017 Time: 13:30–17:00 Location: Church House, Westminster, SW1P 3NZ, London  About: The first report has been produced after extensive consultation in over 30 countries from Bolivia to Rwanda to Fiji, engaging thousands of people. We’ll be joined by speakers from a few of the countries to share their insights and knowledge. The second report, from […]

Disability and aid spending: Can we use the DAC’s peer review mechanism to ensure aid is inclusive of persons with disabilities?


Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including the underlying aim to leave no one behind, hinges upon resources, policies and programmes focusing on the most marginalised people. Persons with disabilities have until now been left behind by the development agenda, but the SDGs include a clear commitment to better include disability. The collection and use […]

Why aid data needs to say more about persons with disabilities


“How much aid money goes to disability-inclusive projects?” With global disability prevalence estimated at more than 15%, and with known links between disability and poverty, it’s an obvious question – all the more so in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) pledge to leave no one behind. On the surface, it’s a very […]