Is Elgeyo Marakwet County allocating resources to the health sector according to its health needs?

Data use

Matching available public resources to citizens’ needs – such as health – is critical to improving development outcomes and reducing poverty. And to allocate resources effectively, access to timely, accurate and disaggregated data on needs is key. Such data equips decision-makers to prepare effective development plans to guide provision of public services. Quality data is […]

Exploring inequalities in the health sector in Kenya: Who’s left behind?

Data use

Not everyone in Kenya has access to the same healthcare opportunities. There are considerable differences in distribution of health outcomes, health determinants and resources across counties in Kenya. Health inequalities have significant social and economic costs to the extent that they limit people’s ability to realise their full potential in terms of participating effectively in […]

Kenya Equity Week


Date: Thursday 16 November 2017 Time: 8 am to 11 am (EAT) Location: Ngong Hills Hotel, Nairobi About: Development Initiatives (DI) is pleased to be participating in Kenya Equity Week, which runs 13-17 November 2017. DI has been involved in the planning for Kenya Equity Week 2017, a national programme of events that presents an opportunity for reflection […]

How prepared for disasters is Kenya?


Kenya is a nation prone to conflicts, slow-onset natural disasters such as droughts and famine, and rapid-onset disasters such as floods, land or mudslides, and disease outbreaks. Its topography makes areas of the country particularly susceptible to natural disasters, with arid and semi-arid lands covering about 89% of the total land mass – home to […]

Analysis of Kenya’s budget 2017/18: What’s in it for the poorest people?


In this report we examine aspects of Kenya’s 2017/18 budget that relate to the redistribution of national resources or to budgetary allocation to sectors with programmes that target poor and vulnerable groups.  Key findings The Government of Kenya plans to spend of Ksh 2.29 trillion (27.6% of GDP) in the the coming financial year Development expenditure […]

Assessment of Kenya's preparedness to disasters caused by natural hazards: floods, drought and disease outbreak: dissemination event


Date: 6 April 2017 Time: 08:30–12:00 (EAT) Location: Panafric Hotel, Nairobi, see map The study aimed to assess preparedness under different frameworks: governance and legal; capacity to prepare; links to international processes of disaster preparedness; and financial allocations to preparedness. It found that there are no existing legal frameworks in place guiding the country’s disaster preparedness. There appears to be lack […]

A summary of Kenya’s budget 2017/18 from a pro-poor perspective


Overview Kenya’s budget 2017/18 is an opportunity to address the country’s high levels of poverty and inequality. Over 45% of the country’s population live below the national poverty line,[1] and the poorest fifth of the population share only 4.8% of the country’s income.[2] Kenya also experiences inequalities at the sub-national level. In Turkana County, for […]