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Latest data now available on DI’s Development Data Hub


The Development Data Hub is an open platform for sharing development and humanitarian data. The interactive data visualisations empower users to investigate financial resource-flow data alongside poverty, social and vulnerability indicators, and the analysis is also available to download. By harmonising and standardising the latest data for 2015 from a range of official sources – […]

What are the principles of joined-up data?

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At the Friday Seminar that preceded this year’s UN Statistical Commission, Open Data Watch’s Eric Swanson asked me a challenging yet pertinent question following my presentation to the plenary. He asked: “The definition and principles of ‘open data’ are quite clear and simple but the principles of joined-up data are less clear. Can you enunciate […]

Opinion: The case for metadata

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The introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals has brought with it calls for a data revolution: transformative action to respond to the data demands of the post-2015 development agenda. Much of the focus of the data revolution has been on data collection, capacity building, closing data gaps and using data to promote transparency and accountability. While […]

Using hydrological data to reduce disaster risk and enhance community resilience in Nepal

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Regional training for a community-based flood early warning system, Lalitpur, Nepal. Photo: ICIMOD, Kathmandu Rajendra’s demand for data and information “We need real-time data on flooding so we can issue early warnings to both communities at risk and disaster management authorities, so they are informed and prepared” Until 2009 the water levels of Nepal’s rivers […]

Using supply-chain data to improve the quality of public health services in Nepal

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Gyan’s demand for data and information “We use data to ensure balance in stock levels so that adequate health supplies and medicines are made accessible all-round the year and in every part of the country based on the people’s need” Until relatively recently, the exchange of information between health facilities at the district level and […]

Using data to reduce diseases, and improve healthcare, for children in Nepal

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Mukunda’s demand for data and information “We need data to determine vaccination needs and to know where to allocate our resources to ensure that every child gets immunised and that we reduce the number of deaths from preventable diseases” Mukunda is responsible for the effective implementation of the government’s National Immunization Program, which works to […]

Using agricultural data to guide government’s food security efforts in Nepal

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Santosh’s demand for data and information “We need a large variety of data for analysing the various dimensions of food security across the country and to ensure we keep poverty at bay” Nepal’s extreme climate variability, hilly terrains and prevalence of rain-fed subsistence farming mean production of food can be unstable and difficult to predict. […]

The use of data by government actors in Nepal to solve development problems

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The ability of national and local government actors in developing countries like Nepal to produce and use relevant, timely and disaggregated data is critical to development success and sustainability. For international actors to make a valuable contribution to revolutionising the production, sharing and use of data for development, they must be informed by the needs […]

We live in a world full of data. But what’s the point if none of it joins up?

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If we continue to work in silos, we will never unlock the potential of data to drive real change I was recently sitting in a room with over 100 other people who passionately believe in the importance of data and ­– more specifically – the importance of the open data movement. We were contemplating the […]