Is Elgeyo Marakwet County allocating resources to the health sector according to its health needs?

Data use

Matching available public resources to citizens’ needs – such as health – is critical to improving development outcomes and reducing poverty. And to allocate resources effectively, access to timely, accurate and disaggregated data on needs is key. Such data equips decision-makers to prepare effective development plans to guide provision of public services. Quality data is […]

Exploring inequalities in the health sector in Kenya: Who’s left behind?

Data use

Not everyone in Kenya has access to the same healthcare opportunities. There are considerable differences in distribution of health outcomes, health determinants and resources across counties in Kenya. Health inequalities have significant social and economic costs to the extent that they limit people’s ability to realise their full potential in terms of participating effectively in […]

P20: Health


Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals have brought us a global commitment to end extreme poverty and ensure no one is left behind. For this ambition to be met, we need to know who the poorest people in the world are, understand their lives, and ensure they are included in progress. The P20 Initiative is […]

The Global Fund and non-DAC donors


The Global Fund for tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS is a type of financing mechanism which aims to pool donors unearmarked contributions in order to allocate the necessary resources to health related projects. Unlike other humanitarian and development pooled mechanisms which we examine (e.g. ERFs CHFs), this fund is sector specific. Created in 2002 the fund […]