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Bringing IATI data to life: d-portal generator

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What is d-portal? d-portal is a platform that makes all IATI data available and accessible for anyone to explore. We set it up with the aim of allowing people in developing countries to view IATI information from their own country’s perspective. Nearly 300 organisations currently publish data on their activities to the IATI registry – d-portal transforms […]

Finding out where the money goes

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Development Initiatives (DI) will today demonstrate its newly upgraded d-portal.org, a country-based information platform that tracks resource flows from multi donors to developing countries and to the project delivery point. There are now over 280 publishers to the International Aid Transparency Index (IATI), but until d-portal there wasn’t a simple platform that comprehensively displayed all […]

Understanding finance for development: d-portal.org

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d-portal is aimed primarily at providing a convenient and useable resource for all stakeholders in developing countries who are interested in understanding who funds what in their locality. It works on the principle that information about funding flows into countries should be tailored to the perspective of users in those countries.   Why d-portal and […]

Aid Transparency Index for 2014 launched

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With just over a year to go till the deadline calling for donors to publish their aid information to a common, open standard, the Index shows the urgent need for most donors to speed up their efforts. The deadline to achieve transparency of aid by the end of 2015 was set at the Busan conference […]

Kenya: case study on Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation

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In 2011, leaders from the developed and developing nations signed an accord in Busan, South Korea to further enhance the implementation of Millennium Development Goal 8 (MDG 8); and in particular the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC). The Busan commitments were meant to take development cooperation and aid effectiveness beyond the 2005 Paris Declaration […]

The IATI TAG meeting: two big 2014 priorities

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As the technical lead of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), DI’s spent quite a bit of time preparing for the IATI TAG (actually, that may be an understatement- it’s been a LOT of time). This is the IATI Technical Advisory Group meeting this January; for those who don’t know, the TAG meeting is an opportunity for people […]

Interoperable data in Uganda: laying the foundations

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This blog post originally appeared at Markets for Good.  For 20 years, Northern Uganda has suffered from a violent conflict which only ended in 2005, leaving a vulnerable and fragile state. Since then, Uganda has seen a proliferation of resource flows into the northern districts from donors, government, and NGOs. Alongside the increase in resources […]

A data revolution to end poverty?


This article originally appeared in a slightly different form in Post2015. Eradicating poverty by 2030 is an ambitious undertaking. Development practitioners have argued that a major impediment to achieving this objective has been the absence or deficiency of accurate, up to date data on the dynamics of poverty. This has made it difficult to design […]