disaster risk reduction

Tracking subnational government investments in disaster risk reduction in Kenya


Kenya is prone to natural and human inflicted hazards, including floods, drought, epidemics, conflict and fires. Losses resulting from these disasters can be economic, environmental and social, and reduce the coping abilities of the affected population and increase vulnerability to recurring disasters. Tracking subnational government investments in disaster risk reduction in Kenya is essential to minimise losses […]

Will discussions on DRR financing materialise in Sendai?


The World Disasters Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) opens this weekend in Sendai, Japan. Government representatives from over 100 countries will gather with DRR experts and practitioners, to discuss the future of DRR. The conference is the culmination of months of discussions and negotiations in drafting a new international framework for DRR to succeed the […]

What Cyclone Hudhud teaches us on the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction


Yesterday, Sunday 12 October, on the eve of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, powerful cyclone Hudhud struck the east coast of India with winds approaching 125 miles per hour. The strength of the winds together with torrential rain is reported to have uprooted trees and power pylons and caused widespread destruction of property. […]

Aid investments in disaster risk reduction - rhetoric to action


GHA has launched a new report: Aid investments in disaster risk reduction – rhetoric to action. This provides the latest comprehensive analysis on leading government donor’s investments in reducing risk of humanitarian disasters. Disaster risk reduction (DRR) often in conjunction with emergency preparedness, climate change adaptation and resilience building has become an increasingly common element […]

Check out our new datastore: the numbers behind the analysis


GHA’s new datastore has gone live today and includes the datasets that drive GHA’s work to map and quantify the world of humanitarian financing: the response to need, financing levels, where the money comes from and where it goes, the actors involved, the funding mechanisms used, and the countries and projects prioritised. The data is […]

International spending on disaster risk reduction (DRR) requires dramatic review


GHA is launching a new report today, Disaster risk reduction: spending where it should count. The report provides a comprehensive view of the levels of international DRR spending, placed in the context of need and vulnerability, and reveals the shockingly low levels of investment and inequities of funding in this area at a time when […]

GFDRR response to GHA’s new report - Disaster risk reduction: Spending where it should count


This new report from GHA provides evidence of a challenge that disaster risk reduction (DRR) practitioners have been highlighting for many years: despite increasing public and political recognition of the need for a focus on DRR, reinforced by countless high level statements and commitments, the international community has been unable to provide the funding needed […]