Development finance and aid (ODA)

How we must approach poverty eradication in today's world


The world is quickly changing; it is far more interconnected and complex than ever before. As such, new ways of working are needed to meet the ambitions set by the Global Goals and various summits of 2015 and 2016. Policies and financing models of the past 50 years will not get us the success we […]

Accounting for ODA loans: The effect of the new rules


The official system for how official development assistance (ODA) is monitored, measured and reported is being modernised. As part of this process, rules on how loans are accounted for in ODA are changing. Currently the full value of concessional loans from donors is counted as ODA and capital repayments on old ODA loans are then […]

Using IATI to trace US aid to Ghana

Data use

The report uses data from the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI); aid flow traceability throughout the implementation chain is a key part of IATI, which provides up-to-date and reliable aid data to improve accountability, coordination and effectiveness. More than 600 development organisations publish to the IATI Standard, but there remains a traceability gap that stems […]

ODA modernisation: An update following the October 2017 HLM


In September, Development Initiatives (DI) published a background paper outlining the various components of official development assistance (ODA) modernisation – or aid reform. Since then, more details have been published by the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) on some aspects of ODA modernisation. The October high-level meeting (HLM) of the DAC has also addressed some […]

Revised ODA casebook on conflict, peace and security: A useful resource but falls short of providing practical guidance on what activities can and cannot be counted as aid


Although the spotlight in recent days has been on agreements made at the OECD DAC’s latest High-Level Meeting, we mustn’t overlook an important publication that demonstrates how previously agreed rule changes have been translated into practice. In 2016, governments agreed to new rules that allow for a wider set of peace and security activities to […]

An introduction to ODA modernisation


The OECD DAC – the membership group of developed countries that provide ODA, or aid – has embarked on a process of modernising its system for how aid is monitored, measured and reported, potentially changing the fundamental nature of ODA. The rule changes are expected to be adopted at the High Level Meeting in October […]

New private sector instruments seen by stakeholders as the most important change to ODA


The modernisation of official development assistance (ODA) comprises some of the biggest changes to official aid in decades. It’s also quite difficult to understand, full of technical jargon and acronyms. So last week, DI hosted a free webinar to unpack this process. ODA modernisation – led by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD’s) […]

Webinar: How is aid changing? An introduction to ODA modernisation


Date 20 September 2017 Time 10.00–11.30 am (BST) Location online webinar (register below) Development Initiatives speakers Cordelia Lonsdale, Senior Policy & Engagement Adviser; Rob Tew, Head of Technical Development About this webinar The OECD DAC – the membership group of developed countries that provides official development assistance (ODA), or aid – has embarked on a process of […]

Aid spending by Development Assistance Committee (DAC) donors in 2016


Key findings Total net ODA from DAC donors in 2016 was US$142.62 billion (US$143.33 billion in constant 2015 prices), up 8.9% on 2015 figures.[1] Both total ODA and ODA net of refugee-hosting costs increased. Total ODA net of refugee-hosting costs reached US$127.21 billion in 2016 (US$127.89 billion in constant 2015 prices), an increase of 7.1% […]

Final ODA data for 2015


This report presents Development Initiatives’ initial analysis of that data, including: Comparison to preliminary ODA data Regional distribution of ODA Main recipient countries Trends in ODA to least developed countries (LDCs) The composition of ODA, including levels of loans, debt relief and refugee costs Key findings: There is no significant change in total ODA levels […]