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Making the case for disaggregated data:
A look at Nigeria


The P20 Initiative aims to track the progress of the poorest 20% of the world’s population from poverty to security and opportunity. It is about ensuring that the Sustainable Development Goals and the data revolution deliver progress for the poorest 20% of the world’s population – the P20 – and that no one is left […]

Latest data now available on DI’s Development Data Hub


The Development Data Hub is an open platform for sharing development and humanitarian data. The interactive data visualisations empower users to investigate financial resource-flow data alongside poverty, social and vulnerability indicators, and the analysis is also available to download. By harmonising and standardising the latest data for 2015 from a range of official sources – […]

DI receives Kenya Open Data award for innovation


The awards are given to those who have helped make data more open and accessible, and are open to government, private sector, NGOs, civil society organisations and others. DI’s data hub is an open platform that makes data on poverty and resources accessible online. It allows people online to see Kenya’s country profile which includes […]