Development cooperation for improved data

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This last week has been an important one for the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC), seeing both the appointment of a new Chair and the publication of the latest edition of the Development Co-operation Report. Susanna Moorehead will bring her previous experience as British Ambassador to Ethiopia and Djibouti, and UK Permanent Representative to the […]

Five key points from Africa Statistics Week in Uganda

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Between 13 and 18 November the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) marked Africa Statistics Week with a series of events in Kampala. The seven-day event is an extension of African Statistics Day, which was initiated in 1990 to raise public awareness of the importance of statistics in all aspects of socioeconomic and environmental life. The […]

New pneumonia data published on the Development Data Hub

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Development Initiatives (DI) has published new data on pneumonia-related funding on their Development Data Hub, a free data visualisation tool. Visit at The new data release coincides with World Pneumonia Day (12 November) and the publication of The Missing Piece: why continued neglect of pneumonia threatens the achievement of health goals, a report featuring DI data […]

New edition of Development Data Hub launched

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Development Initiatives’ Development Data Hub has launched edition 2.2 with the most recent available data on official development assistance (ODA, often referred to as aid), international finance, government finance, humanitarian assistance and vulnerability. Visit at The Development Data Hub is a free data visualisation tool that provides a comprehensive online source for financial and […]

How can data really be transformative?

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The second UN World Data Forum (WDF), which takes place between 22 and 24 October in Dubai, is one of the outcomes of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It has put the data and statistical community in the driving seat, conferring on them the responsibility to improve data quality and innovate at speed to support […]

DI signs the Global Disability Summit’s Charter for Change


As a signatory to the Charter for Change, DI commits to ten specific goals – including the collection and use of better data to characterise the challenges faced by people with disabilities, the prioritisation of the people being left furthest behind, and the elimination of stigma and discrimination against them. The UK’s Department for International […]

Data and Development

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The media has been full of concern about Facebook, and issues around privacy, personal data. How an online identity can be used, not only to sell us products we didn’t know we needed – but potentially to sway elections. The idea that if you don’t pay for a product, you are the product, casts a […]

Improving data use to boost budget advocacy in Uganda

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There’s a vibrant budget advocacy community in Uganda made up of a wide range of actors from academics to bold and adversarial civil society groups. These include the Black Monday Movement, and others who undertake advocacy efforts centred on debt, corruption and the environment. But the quality and success of this community is often adversely […]

Public calls for better data and traceability in response to Nepal earthquake


To date, a total of US$156 million in international humanitarian funding has been allocated to the Nepal earthquake crisis according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)’s Financial Tracking Service (FTS). See our recent humanitarian funding analysis for the Nepal earthquake crisis. Development Initiative’s partner in Nepal through the Open Nepal […]