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Spotlight on the data revolution: Kenya Equity Week and Uganda High Level National Data Forum

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With limited resources at their disposal, many governments make difficult investment choices when it comes to their data infrastructures. The result is that national statistics based on averages and estimates derived from relatively small survey samples can hide the true scale of the data challenge facing subnational planners. Over the past year, DI has worked […]

The Development Data Assessment

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Development decision-makers need to be data users. They need to know what information is available about the poorest and most vulnerable people in order to make the best choices regarding resource allocation, policy and service delivery at national and local levels of government. Data is also required to assess development progress, forming the basis for […]

High Level National Data Forum, Uganda

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Dates: 14–17 November, 2017 Location: Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala, Uganda About: During Africa Statistics week, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics and its key partners will convene a High Level National Data Forum to bring together stakeholders in the National Statistics System. They will discuss ways of harnessing emerging technologies to strengthen partnerships for data and […]

The care of children in data: Evidence, gaps and opportunities for change in the SDGs


The UN global framework on sustainable development can to help change this situation. Indeed, the call for timely investment in the statistical capacity of countries to produce and use reliable disaggregated data under Sustainable Development Goal 17 has been echoed by several experts and institutions, including the Independent Expert and Advisory Group on Data Revolution […]

Data for development in Africa: Ensuring commitments made at the High-level meeting in Kenya are met

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The High-level meeting in Nairobi drew attention to the need for reliable data for decision-making, and the influence the data revolution in Africa has had, and will continue to have, on increasing data infrastructure, capacity and use. The meeting was politically and strategically successful: a culmination of years of advocacy and thinking on prioritising the data-development nexus […]

Nepal’s emerging data revolution for sustainable development

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At a national level these changes are unfolding differently, according to particular local contexts – for example those involving multiple stakeholders with diverse interests, and comprising different initiatives and milestones according to local priorities, challenges and opportunities. Since 2011 we have worked in collaboration with various partners to improve the production, sharing and use of […]

Insights into Nepal’s emerging data revolution

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We’ve been working with local partners to engage non-state actors and government on this agenda, in particular through our support to the Open Nepal initiative. Alongside this, DI has supported local partners with funding and expertise on various technical, research and engagement efforts. Our focus has been to support the development of the information ecosystem […]

What are the principles of joined-up data?

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At the Friday Seminar that preceded this year’s UN Statistical Commission, Open Data Watch’s Eric Swanson asked me a challenging yet pertinent question following my presentation to the plenary. He asked: “The definition and principles of ‘open data’ are quite clear and simple but the principles of joined-up data are less clear. Can you enunciate […]