Final ODA data for 2017 – persistent trends raise concerns


In October 2018 Development Initiatives (DI) launched the third Investments to End Poverty report, which highlighted a number of challenges with the way that resources are currently allocated across developing countries. Chief among these is the fact that the places and people most at risk of being left behind have access to the fewest resources, […]

The 2011 decrease in aid from DAC donors: a new era?


The release data on Official Development Assistance (ODA) is always a chance to assess donor performance and changes in ODA disbursements. It has usually represented an occasion to celebrate the increasing volumes of development assistance from western (developed and rich) countries in favour of developing ones. But the release of yesterday’s preliminary data on 2011 […]

Humanitarian aid in 2009: headlines from the latest DAC data release


The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) published its latest data last week, allowing us to complete our figures for humanitarian aid in 2009. Based on our calculations, overall total humanitarian aid expenditure remained relatively stable at US$11.7 billion – a fall of just under 0.4% (US$52 million) on the US$11.8 billion the previous year. Many […]

Quick comparison of OECD DAC and UN OCHA FTS data


Looking at the graph on humanitarian aid expenditure captured by the DAC and FTS suggests that they have captured similar volumes of DAC donor contributions in 2008 and 2009 – but this does not mean that they are capturing the same things. For example, contributions to the military for human rights training cannot count as […]