Climate change

Increasing funds to tackle climate change miss out world’s most vulnerable, new report finds


The report, which looks at climate finance in the context of building resilience and reducing poverty, finds that while international public resources to tackle climate change are increasing, vulnerability and the links between poverty and climate are not reflected in the allocation of those resources. Funding remains concentrated in a handful of countries and is […]

Climate finance and poverty: Exploring the linkages between climate change and poverty evident in the provision and distribution of international public climate finance


Climate change is among the greatest global development challenges of the 21st century. From the global to the local scale, climate change affects and threatens economic and human development. It risks undermining efforts towards sustainable development, including progress on ending poverty, everywhere and in all its forms. The links between climate change and poverty are […]

Aid for helping countries protect themselves against climate change is not targeted at the most vulnerable countries


Size of bubbles represents volume of adaptation-related ODA commitments in 2013, US$ millions. Vulnerability to climate change is defined as a country’s exposure, sensitivity and ability to adapt to the negative impacts of climate change, based on data from ND-GAIN – higher scores mean greater vulnerability. Many of the world’s poorest people live in environmentally […]