Welcome to our new website

Development Initiatives believes that ending poverty can and should be achieved by 2030. Our team, based in the UK, Uganda and Kenya, has since 1992 run a number of key programmes globally to promote and support better access to and use of information, and share our vision for the end of poverty.

new website screengrabOur upcoming Investments to End Poverty report will provide a comprehensive analysis of the potential resources available to end poverty. We hope to kick-start an important discussion globally, about the best use of resources for targeting and ending poverty.

In advance of the report launch, we’d like to invite visitors to take an advance look at our new website, which we will officially launch alongside the report on 23rd September 2013. The site was designed and built by Data Act Lab.

New features, new design

The main objective of the new site is to give you direct access to the data and analysis that we provide through our programme and consultancy work. Our analysts provide objective, reliable information and analysis on the issues we care about like poverty, development assistance and ODA, and transparency and accountability; we have worked to create a modern, easily navigable and attractive new website which brings this to our web audiences.

Our web and online platforms are increasingly important media for us, as we build our international audiences through our work on the ground and through partners and as web access increases around the globe. The new website contains our most-read and accessed content from our old site, but has many new features; including interactive graphs, more intuitive content tagging and navigation, a more visually exciting design, and more downloadable raw data.

Explore and use- and please give us your feedback!

-To find out who we are and what we do, please visit our ‘About’ page which also gives an overview of our programmes and themes of work.

-To explore our analysis, blogs and reports, please use the drop-down ‘topics’ menu on the top left of the homepage

Forthcoming data viz tool

Forthcoming data viz tool

-The site will include data visualisations exploring key areas of our analysis- such as the numbers of people in living poverty around the world and the resource flows that enter developing countries. The first of these will be available from 23rd September when we launch Investments to End Poverty’.

-We also seek to give you the facts you need quickly.  We’ve produced factsheets so that you can find out immediately which donors are meeting their 0.7 commitment, what the definition of humanitarian assistance is and answers to many other questions you might have.  We will add to these in coming months. To explore the first ones, go to the drop-down menu on the homepage and select ‘format/factsheets.’

-Our high-quality reports and briefings are all still available. For example, check out the ‘Aid Financing Landscape for Nutrition’ report from July 2013, one of the most downloaded pieces of content from our old site.

Feedback welcome

We are keen to make our information and analysis consumable and shareable by our audiences everywhere, including the developing countries in which we work. We will be concentrating on revising and improving the site, including increasing accessibility for low-speed internet connections and smartphone users, in the autumn of 2013.

Please do explore the new site, and I hope that you enjoy using it. We welcome any feedback or suggestions– please contact info@devinit.org .