Watch Judith Randel's presentation to UN Development Cooperation Forum 2014

Development Initiatives Executive Director, Judith Randel, presented some key data, facts and findings from our landmark 2013 report, Investments to End Poverty, at the 2014 UN Development Cooperation Forum.

Judith focused her remarks on how we can mobilise more and better finance towards targeting poverty- meeting the post-2015 goal of eradicating extreme poverty by 2030, while still retaining the critical role of official development assistance (ODA)  where it can have the most impact.

Judith at DCF

As the data shows, ODA is a tiny slice of the ‘resource mix’ for many developing countries when compared to domestic finance, FDI, and other international flows; but ODA is still a critical financial inflow for some least developed countries, where government spending is still far too low to deliver basic public services. This means we need to target available finance much more effectively, with a focus on providing the poorest people access to public services as a first step to supporting their move out of poverty.

We need to be better able to focus ODA much more efficiently on  extreme poverty (by reframing the official objective, which is currently too broad) and understand better who benefits from development investments. To do this effectively, we need timely, disaggregated and detailed sub-national level data on poverty to allow all financial resources to be targeted where they can have most impact. Changing the focus from GNI and national averages to a more informed sub-national understanding of well-being and need is essential.

You can watch her presentation again, below (start at 4.30):