Transparency and open data for the post-2015 agenda

Our Executive Director Tony German is pleased to be taking part in an important discussion panel, one of the official side events at the UN Development Cooperation Forum this July: “Transparency and open data for the post-2015 agenda”.

Co-hosted by Development Initiatives, Publish What You Fund and UNDP, this event will create a multi-stakeholder dialogue on how transparency, open data and accountability enhance the impact of the Post-2015 agenda and its means of implementation. It will showcase different examples from governments, international financial institutions and civil society.

In conversation with the audience, we will also what efforts can be done in order to make transparency and open data an effective tool to achieve sustainable development outcomes, and how these efforts can be built into the post-2015 development agenda.

DATE: 10 July 2014

VENUE: Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium (New York)

TIME: 1.15-2.45pm EST


  • David Hall-Matthews, Director, Publish What You Fund


  • Ms. Viviana Caro Hinojosa, Minister of Development Planning, Plurinational State of Bolivia
  • Mr. Robin Uyterlinde, Head of the Budgetary Affairs Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands
  • Mr. Danny Sriskandarajah, Director, CIVICUS
  • Mr. Tony German, Executive Director, Development Initiatives
  • Ms. Mariam Sherman, Director for Results, Openness & Effectiveness, World Bank
  • Mr. Niloy Banerjee, Director Knowledge, Innovation and Capacity Group, Bureau for Development, United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Framing questions:

  •  What’s the landscape of transparency for development cooperation? What has been achieved, and what remains to be done and encouraged
  • How can transparency and open data improve the delivery of sustainable development outcomes (perspective from governments, international financial institutions and civil society)
  • How can these efforts be a concrete part of the post-2015 agenda and further its impact? (looking at the next months, how can we make this happen?)

THEMATIC FOCUS: Open data for development; transparency and accountability for sustainable development finance.

CONTRIBUTION TO 2014 DCF THEME ‘Bringing the future of development cooperation to post-2015’ – mutual accountability and transparency; global monitoring and accountability for development cooperation; South-South development cooperation.


Providers of development finance including governments, international financial institutions, climate funds, private foundations, civil society and private sector contractors are publishing information, through a common standard, about how much, where and how their development contributions are spent. This information is vital for development providers, partner countries and stakeholders alike and has become an important platform to discuss complementarity, coordination, predictability and alignment of development finance flows at national level; as well as enhancing the accountability of development flows.

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