The Leave No One Behind Partnership

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development offer an historic opportunity to eradicate extreme poverty and ensure no one is left behind. To realise this opportunity, Development Initiatives will be working with two other international non-profit organisations CIVICUS and Project Everyone, with the support of the UK’s Department for International Development, on a new global initiative called the the Leave No One Behind Partnership. Its aim is to directly support the interests of the world’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

At the heart of the project is the responsibility to listen and respond to the voices of the world’s most impoverished communities and those that are excluded and at risk of violence and discrimination. Together the project partners will work to ensure that the needs of the most marginalised are brought to the forefront of policy and are recipients of the resources and programmes being mobilised under the 2030 Agenda. Working with other civil society organisations and citizen groups around the world, this initiative will be guided by the following principles and work-streams:

EXAMINE: we will establish a baseline of who are the groups that have been left behind, through a data led approach; as well as identify those at risk, where they are and monitor their progress annually;

ENGAGE: we will develop a visual presentation for awareness-raising, built from the real stories of those who are being left behind;

EMPOWER: we will work together with national partners in at least 30 countries to build local voices for action and accountability to ensure no one is left behind in their countries

The combined impact of these activities will help inform governments and communities about the solutions needed to tackle extreme poverty and exclusion, as well as facilitate cross-sector partnerships to promote rights and identify opportunities for the world’s most marginalised people.

Read about our P20 initiative which aims to make a significant contribution to this project.


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