Six months after Typhoon Haiyan: how does the response compare now?

by Sophia Swithern

six months after Haiyan 3

Six months after the Philippines was hit by the most severe typhoon ever recorded, the humanitarian response continues to support the relief and recovery effort. International aid has slowly but steadily increased to reach US$750 million. So how does this now compare to other recent disasters?

In our blog two weeks after Typhoon Haiyan, we reported that despite the fact that over five times as many people were affected than by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, less than a sixth had been given at the same point in the response.

After six months this gap has widened further. The Tsunami response had attracted nearly ten times more funding six months afterwards. Comparison with Pakistan at the same point in time also shows a new stark differential – approximately US$120 per person affected by the 2010 floods there and less than US$60 by the Philippines typhoon.

Yet we know that financial volume doesn’t tell the full story. The caveats and questions posed in our November blog still apply. Many people affected by Haiyan have received both financial and non-financial support from a diverse ‘humanitarian landscape’ including the Philippines government (which leads the response), militaries, the private sector as well as personal networks at home and abroad.

The Typhoon is also the best funded current UN appeal – today it is 56% funded, while Iraq and Chad are only 6% funded. Six months after the Pakistan floods and Haiti earthquake, their appeals were 58% and 52% funded respectively.

If the typhoon appeal is to become 100% funded, the steady flow of international assistance will need to continue over the rest of 2014. We’ll be continuing to track the response: look out for a ‘one year on’ blog in November…

Data are available in Excel and CSV format.


Data reflects funding as per emergency title, using the Financial Tracking System (FTS).


Development Initiatives calculations, based on UN OCHA FTS data.