Record US$16 billion needed to address humanitarian needs in 2015

by Charlotte Lattimer

CP_UN SRP launch_2015

The UN’s annual humanitarian funding requirement for 2015 is a record US$16.4 billion, according to the Strategic Response Plan (SRP) launch. This is what the UN thinks will be necessary to cover the urgent needs of over 57 million people. But still more is likely to be needed.

The amount requested at last year’s launch for 2014 was US$12.9 billion. But current requirements for 2014 are half as much again, at US$19.2 billion (a 48% increase). The picture was similar in 2013, which saw requirements rise 51% by the end of the year.

Based on the 35% average increase over the last four years, 2015 requirements could top US$22 billion. If they follow the last two years, they could be close to US$25 billion – almost double 2013’s total eventual requirement.

See our Global Humanitarian Assistance blog for more details.

Download the data in Excel and CSV formats.


Data downloaded on 9 December 2014. The overall requirement figure for 2014 has been reduced by UN OCHA to take into account a partial overlap between appeal documents.

Launch requirement figures are approximate and detail advance funding requests. Increases reflect adjustments to appeals during each year. 2015 requirements are expected to increase as more appeals are finalised. Current request excludes Djibouti and 9 Sahel countries in Africa (launches scheduled for February 2015).


Development Initiatives based on UN OCHA’s Financial Tracking Service, Global Humanitarian Assistance overviews and press statements.