Monitoring the Grand Bargain commitment on transparency

Development Initiatives works with the Grand Bargain transparency workstream to support improvements to the transparency of humanitarian response and help signatories meet their Grand Bargain commitment.

At the World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016 a number of donor governments, multilaterals, UN agencies and non-governmental organisation (NGO) networks agreed the Grand Bargain, which included a set of proposals and commitments to increase the transparency of humanitarian financing.

The Grand Bargain signatories committed to publishing timely, transparent, harmonised and open high-quality data on humanitarian funding and activities within two years of the Summit, and they identified the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) as the basis for a common standard. During the period 2016-2018, our project worked to support signatories in this commitment, and thereby enable evidence-informed decision-making, greater accountability and learning.

In the second phase of our work, covering the period 2018-2020, Development Initiatives will support Grand Bargain signatories to build on this work by making use of appropriate data analysis. To do this, our project will aim to accomplish five key goals:


  • Increase awareness of IATI among Grand Bargain signatories and the humanitarian community
  • Support signatories in publishing more useable humanitarian data as a precondition to better data use

Data use

  • Enhance understanding of IATI data uses and user needs (including in-country actors) among Grand Bargain signatories and the humanitarian community
  • Support signatories to access and use IATI data directly and/or via IATI-compatible tools and platforms

Monitoring and learning

  • Ensure that Grand Bargain signatories, the transparency workstream and the humanitarian community have a clear approach to monitoring progress on the transparency commitments and a vision for humanitarian transparency beyond the Grand Bargain

Our work

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To find out more about this project, our work under the Grand Bargain and how you can get involved, please contact DI Senior Policy & Engagement Advisor Angus Urquhart