Data Support Service in Kenya and Uganda

Our Data Support Service improves access and use of evidence (data and information) on poverty, people and resources by development stakeholders (citizens, civil society organisations, media and government agencies) in ways that can help reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.

The service aims to empower stakeholders to access and use data and information to support decision-making and accountability efforts, demonstrate a need and demand for data and information, and show how this demand can and should be met.

The Data Support Service offers data, analytical and other technical support, including data-related capacity building to development stakeholders working in Kenya and Uganda. The service will also be used to helps us track what data users need to ensure resources better target the requirements of the poorest and most vulnerable.

Our Data Support Service is demand driven and free to individuals and institutions that want to access and use data in driving local and national development. These include national and local actors, especially local and national government, civil society, community-based organisations, and media actors who are implementing or monitoring development interventions or carrying out advocacy efforts. The service is also available at a fee to international NGOs, and technical and multilateral agencies.

Why use DI’s Data Support Service?

Access to data and information is key to citizens, governments, donors, and civil society wanting to bolster socio-economic growth and ensure no one is left behind. The challenge remains, however, that an increasingly large amount of available data remains difficult to find and access, and many potential users still lack in-house capacity to work with existing and accessible data, or address the vast technical challenges they face. Thus, effective and evidence-driven programming and advocacy remains unrealised at all levels. Improving people’s ability to find and use data, and demonstrating the demand for data relating to development, is key to advancing evidence-based decision making.

DI’s expertise

Using our Data Support Service allows people to benefit from our range of expertise in working with data. We have worked extensively with many stakeholders including government agencies and non-state actors to improve access and use of data in Kenya, Uganda, other African countries, Asia and South America. More specifically, we have technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Expertise in poverty and resources analysis
  • Extensive knowledge of data availability and sources (both traditional and new)
  • Experience advising on citizen-generated data (CGD)
  • Experience supporting data publishers
  • Joining up and communicating data through portals
  • Strong relationships with data providers, other data intermediaries and users at local, national and international levels.


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