Post MDG High Level Panel meets in Bali

The fourth UN High Level Panel on post-2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) kicks off today (25th March 2013) in Bali, focusing on the global aspect of the agenda, as well as its implementation.

Five stakeholder groups (the Academic and Research Global Forum, the Public Sector Forum, the Business Community Forum, the Civil Societies Global Forum and the Youth Multi-Stakeholders Consultation Forum) will participate in a stakeholder consultation day.

It is DI’s view that the post-2015 framework should consider:

  •  poverty eradication is happening and can be accelerated with sufficient resources if used effectively
  •  aid retains its critical role in ending poverty
  •  there is significant potential to harness wider resource flows to accelerate poverty eradication.

Analysis on the contrasting circumstances of the two developing country High Level Panel co-chairs, Liberia and Indonesia can be found here. The report illustrates the opportunities to get more value out of aid and release the potential of other international resources alongside domestic investments.