The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) factsheet

International Aid Transparency Initiative data can be viewed on the #IATI registry

The IATI Registry ( provides links to timely, comprehensive, comparable and forward-looking data. Publishers include governments, multilaterals, foundations, NGOs and academic institutions, from multiple countries around the world.

By late 2012 there were 100 organisations publishing IATI data. There could be 200 by the end of 2013.

To see who is publishing and to access their data go to the IATI Registry.

The International Aid Transparency Initiative is run by a multi-stakeholder Secretariat, led by UNDP.

Led by UNDP, with Development Initiatives, UNOPs, Sweden and Ghana, this consortium manages the day to day activities of IATI and reports to the Steering Committee. You can read more about IATI’s governance at

Development Initiatives is technical lead for IATI. DI’s role is to administer the Standard, ensuring it evolves to meet the needs of a wide range of organisations and a growing number of data users. We also provide access to the tools, guidance and support necessary for organisations to publish good quality data to the IATI Registry.