Susannah Mansfield

Fundraising Development Specialist

Start date with DI: March 2019

Where I am based: Bristol, UK

What I do: Working closely with our Executive Team and our Head of Africa, my role is to sustain existing funding streams and to research and identify new funders and supporters. I manage our internal reporting system to track income from our grant funders and am responsible for implementing internal guidelines and processes to ensure a strategic approach to fundraising across the organisation. I raise funds for the non-profit arm of our organisation via grants from foundations and grant-making bodies, individual donors and supporters, and reach out to advocates to endorse our goals and ambitions.

Previous experience: Much of my career has been in the heritage sector. I was Senior Philanthropy Manager with the National Trust for several years, responsible for generating multi-million pound targets from a portfolio of some of the UK’s biggest philanthropists and grant-making foundations.  I spearheaded international fundraising campaigns for key National Trust properties across the UK and undertook event management of Annual Lectures and bespoke events at Buckingham Palace, the British Embassy in Prague, the American Embassy in London, along with several smaller events and behind-the-scenes tours for major donors annually. During this time, I also achieved qualifications from the Institute of Fundraising in 2012.