Sophia Swithern


Start date with DI: August 2018

Where I am based: Oxford, UK

What I do:  I’m an independent consultant specialising in research and evidence for international and domestic social impact. As a DI research fellow, my research and strategic support focuses on humanitarian issues.  I’m also a visiting lecturer at the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice, and a trustee of BBC Media Action.

Previous experience: I have 20 years professional experience with non-governmental, UN and government agencies and expertise including aid financing, forced migration, humanitarian protection and innovation. Before becoming an independent consultant in 2018, I was DI’s Head of Research and Analysis, having joined the team in 2013 to lead the Global Humanitarian Assistance Programme. I started working on humanitarian issues at UNHCR, and then at Oxfam, where my roles included leading protection and conflict reduction programmes in DRC and Liberia as well as policy and advocacy on humanitarian, conflict and refugee issues.