Rob Tew

Head of Technical Development

Start date with DI:  March 2008

Where I am based: Wiltshire, UK

What I do: I play a lead role in developing DI’s methodologies for the analysis of aid data including the aid bundle analysis featured in the Investments to End Poverty report. I also conduct research into how the true value of aid to recipients is affected by the way in which aid is delivered.

Previous experience: Many years experience in financial information analysis and business project management in the banking and insurance sectors

Likes: Lots of things: the theatre, books (especially anything by Douglas Adams, P.G. Wodehouse or F. Scott Fitzgerald), the countryside, people, rugby, old movies, new movies, good food, blues, rock, soul, jazz, travel, malt whisky, poetry and…data!

Dislikes: Prejudice, pessimism and shopping