Martha Getachew Bekele


Start date with DI: May 2016

Where I am based: Nairobi, Kenya

What I do: As part of the Research & Analysis team, I carry out analysis on poverty and finance for development and crisis response; I contribute to the development of approaches for organising and analysing data.

Previous experience:  My involvement in the development world started in 2005 in Ethiopia, where I worked with the Netherlands Development Organisation as a governance advisor. I also contributed to the first Participatory Poverty Assessment in Ethiopia as a research team leader in four regions. Immediately before moving to DI, I was the trade and development programme officer at CUTS Centre for International Trade, Economics & Environment, Nairobi office, undertaking mainly research and policy analysis.

Likes: Despite being not much of a coffee drinker, I like making coffee from the scratch the Ethiopian way – coffee beans roasted, ground and boiled with water, and voilà.

Dislikes: Reptiles and dishonesty – same thing I guess!