Henna Cheema

Project Manager

Start date: April 2018

Where I am based: Bristol, UK

What I do: I focus on project management of the Global Nutritional Report (GNR). I’m responsible for working across teams to ensure the planning is in place, so the report is developed, drafted and distributed on time. I also take on other projects as and when needed by DI.

Previous experience: I have a MSc in international development which has given me a good knowledge base to work in the sector. I also bring with me over 7 years of experience which includes conducting a research project in Zambia on education, supporting in drafting a UN publication on women’s rights and policy analyses at the UN general Assembly in New York. I also managed a portfolio of 8 international projects in Ghana and Tanzania which included managing overseas partners, securing funds, monitoring, evaluating and ensuring project outcomes and reports are completed to time.