Francesca Sargent

IATI Senior Developer

Start date with DI: February 2019

Where I am based: Bristol

What I do: I manage the IATI technologies, including databases and web systems. My favourite focuses are DevOps, data architecture and humanising complicated processes.

Previous experience: I’ve worked as a developer for five years, previously working at agencies such as fffunction and Torchbox, with a focus on Python, Django and Wagtail. This trajectory began with my first role as a Computing Development Officer in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Exeter, where I designed and built a system to hold and visualise data about the demographic population densities of thousands of plant species around the world. This is where I fell in love with data. I also had the pleasure of creating projects at FoAM Kernow, a non profit company that explores the bridges between technology, science, art and education, often using embedded systems. This led me to many activities, such as riding an audio rigged tricycle around Hackney, paddling an audio/sensor rigged Kayak around a river, and visualising the green space of Milton Keynes in Minecraft.