Adam Hughes

Analyst Intern

Start date with DI: June 2018

Where I am based: Bristol, UK

What I do: I am an intern in the Research & Analysis team. My duties include gathering, checking and evaluating data, as well as interpreting it and providing analysis. I am specifically working on the Global Nutrition Report and development-related projects.

Previous experience: I am currently studying a BSc in International Development and Economics at the University of Bath. Before joining DI as a Data Analyst Intern, I travelled Asia and Oceania over a period of three years, leading to an interest in poverty and development strategy. I have previously worked in Uganda teaching business and entrepreneurship to grow micro-businesses into SMEs and have managed a company in Bristol. My specific areas of interest are East and Central African politics and development, participatory development practices, and data collection practice. I am currently establishing a travel company that aims to tackle the negative effects of voluntourism by more efficiently matching skillsets to the required location.