Over a third of humanitarian needs still unmet

by Kerry Smith

Funding and unmet needs, UN-coordinated appeals, 2004–2013

UN-coordinated appeals provide a useful measure of global humanitarian needs. These called for US$13.2 billion to help 78 million crisis-affected people in 2013. But over one-third of identified needs went unmet.

Some 65% of humanitarian needs were met in 2013, amounting to US$8.5 billion. This is the highest proportion since 2009, and up from 60% in 2012, but below the 66% average over 2004–2013.

Humanitarian needs are also still rising. By the end of July 2014, UN-coordinated appeal requests for the year totalled a record US$16.9 billion. Some US$6.0 billion of this was for the Syria crisis response alone.

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Notes: 2012 data includes the Syria Regional refugee response plan 2012 monitored by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). UN-coordinated appeals include strategic response plans and those inside and outside the previously named consolidated appeal process.

Source: Development Initiatives based on UN OCHA FTS data