ODA to sub-Saharan Africa from G7 donors increased in 2013

by Guto Ifan

ODA to sub-Saharan Africa from G7 donors increased in 2013

The G7 donors collectively account for nearly three-quarters of official development assistance (ODA) from the DAC to sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Their ODA (excluding debt relief) to SSA increased by an estimated US$2 billion (6.7%) in 2013.

Among the G7, the UK increased ODA to SSA the most (30%), followed by Japan (25%), Italy (24%) and France (17%). These large volume increases from the UK, Japan and France, which together were US$2.7 billion, were the driving force behind the 6.9% increase of DAC-28 ODA to SSA.

The US is the largest G7 donor, but its ODA to SSA fell slightly, though it still made up over a quarter of DAC-28 ODA to SSA in 2013. Meanwhile Germany and Canada saw larger decreases of 17% and 8% respectively, the largest volume decreases of all DAC-28 donors.

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2013 figures are estimates, and rely on applying spending by multilaterals geographically in 2012 to global multilateral spending in 2013 (from provisional OECD data; final data due in December 2014).

ODA figures exclude debt relief.


DI calculations from OECD statistics