New organisational strategy 2016–2020

We have published our new organisational strategy to set out the contribution Development Initiatives aims to make in the new Sustainable Development Goal era.

Our vision is a world without poverty that invests in human security, where everyone shares the benefits of opportunity and growth. Our mission is to ensure that decisions about the allocation of finance and resources result in an end to poverty, increase the resilience of the world’s most vulnerable people, and ensure no one is left behind.

We want efforts to be underpinned by good quality, transparent data and evidence on poverty and resources, and to lead to increased accountability and sustainable long-term outcomes.

Our work will focus on three key areas:


Driving commitments and much-needed investment towards improving poverty data, and unpacking the data that does exist to start building a clearer and more accurate picture of poverty.


Informing national, regional and international actors on how to mobilise, track and improve the targeting and effectiveness of the many different resources that can address poverty, vulnerability and crisis.

Data use

Breaking down barriers to data use, improving data availability and usability, and helping people use data effectively in order to drive sustainable outcomes.

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