Mobilising all resources to meet the post-2015 goals

The Intergovernmental Expert Committee on Sustainable Development Financing is developing a framework for discussions on how to finance the post-2015 agreement. The second round of meetings – held in New York in December 2013 ­– is focusing on mapping-out a common understanding of the resource landscape as well as discussing the instruments and policy levers that can be used to mobilise wider resources.

Using insights from our Investments to End Poverty programme, we recommended that the expert committee considers the following challenges and opportunities in developing the framework:


  1. Aim large: investments must be commensurate with ambition – that means all resources.
  2. Mobilise domestic resources and capacity to deliver while curbing illicit finance.
  3. Modernise international cooperation while holding onto the parts that are working
  4. Use aid to mobilise other resources and to catalyse new instruments
  5. Make data fit for making life-changing decisions


  1. Harness the power of transparency and visibility
  2. Make all resources visible so that a proper debate can be had about harnessing them to achieve the global goals
  3. Get better results by using increasingly available sub-national data
  4. Use aid to catalyse other resources
  5. Actively promote a new model for international cooperation and a new universal burden-sharing measure

Read our full recommendations in our briefing to the expert committee.