Lessons from Open Nepal – Year One

One year on

Since mid-2013, we’ve been working with partners on an initiative called Open Nepal. This supports a vision for a more open, participative and citizen-centred approach to development by increasing access to information about key development issues.

These issues include:

  • the financial resources available for development processes
  • how and where these resources are being used; the services that are currently available
  • the impact of development activities

This paper provides an overview of some of the lessons learned during the process and recommendations on how to build the movement into the future.

Recommendations and next steps

  1. Increase awareness of the role and potential of data and stimulate demand for data
  2. Increase the availability and accessibility of open data
  3. Develop the capacity to use data
  4. Deepen the understanding of the demand for information; its role in supporting development efforts; and the opportunities, challenges and incentives for publishing and using data
  5. Increase collaboration, coordination and development of the open data ecosystem