Launch of Badili – an online resource for the data revolution in Africa

This initiative, driven by a partnership between Development Initiatives, The Open Institute, Hivos East Africa and the Association of Freelance Journalists, is a contribution to the growing momentum in Africa towards reaching and implementing action around the Data Revolution.


Badili is the Swahili for ‘change’. aims to facilitate sharing of relevant information, lessons and projects from the national, regional and global level, and help people track progress on the data revolution in Africa. The platform was a key recommendation at the Conference on the Data Revolution in Africa in March 2015.

You can find events, policy, thought leadership, and many other contributions at This online resource also has a forum for member discussions on existing, emerging and evolving issues.

We invite you to actively participate and contribute your stories, initiatives, events and content such as blogs, publications, reports, commentaries, visualisations, photos, captions and cartoons/illustrations to enrich the platform.

You can follow the initiative on Twitter @BadiliAfrica and get in touch via

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