French budget analysis

2015 will be a crucial year for France in the international arena marking the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals and the mid-point of President Hollande’s term, while Paris will play host to the 2015 Summit on Climate Change in December. The 2015 national budget published on the October 1 2014 includes some positive actions, with efforts to improve aid transparency, intervene in spiralling conflict situations and lead on innovative finance. But the reduction in development assistance leaves France further away from meeting the 0.7% target by 2015.

 Key analysis from France’s national budget announcement

  •  A 2.8% reduction in the core French aid budget is in line with previous trends which have seen decreasing ODA from France
  • The fifth largest aid donor is off-track in meeting the 0.7% aid target by 2015
  • Budget cuts do not seem to align with the policy of security and development; spending and policy seem to be skewed in favour of security and defence with less support available for fragile situations
  • To protect development aid from future budget cuts, public will want to see value for money and transparency is a good way to highlight how development money is spent
  • Despite budget cuts, France has underlined its commitment to innovation for development and green growth

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