Foreign aid and stimulating domestic revenue mobilisation in Uganda and Kenya: dissemination event

Date 24 May 2016

Time 08.00–10.30 am EAT

Location Development Initiatives Offices, 4th Floor Shelter Afrique Building, Mamlaka Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Development Initiatives (DI) held a dissemination event to discuss the findings of a recent study on foreign aid and stimulating domestic revenue mobilisation in Uganda and Kenya.

The study looked at official development assistance (ODA) intended to stimulate domestic revenue mobilisation in Kenya and Uganda for poverty reduction and development. It highlighted areas where ODA has been channelled towards improving and/or increasing the collection and management of domestic revenue mobilisation, focusing on tax revenue.

It found that while a small proportion of ODA is channelled directly to domestic revenue mobilisation activities, ODA has also been directed to the automation of tax collection systems, improving trade and capacity building, which have contributed to increased domestic revenue mobilisation.

Read the discussion paper in full

Read the Aid and Domestic Revenue Mobilisation meeting outcome document in full

Format and speakers

The event started with a presentation of the findings by the research team, and continued with a moderated discussion on aid and tax. A range of experts in academia, government and non-state actors were in attendance.

For further details on this event, please contact Martha Getachew Bekele on or Tel: +254 020 2725346/7/8