Finding out where the money goes

Upgraded d-portal demonstrated at the Aid Transparency Index launch

Development Initiatives (DI) will today demonstrate its newly upgraded, a country-based information platform that tracks resource flows from multi donors to developing countries and to the project delivery point.

There are now over 280 publishers to the International Aid Transparency Index (IATI), but until d-portal there wasn’t a simple platform that comprehensively displayed all IATI data in one place and in a way that developing countries could easily access for their internal budgeting.

The platform is designed to answer two specific questions: Who pays for development projects? and Who spends the money (by sector and by location)? Current and future data from IATI and 2012 data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC)’s Creditor Reporting System is presented and compared, and can all be viewed from the perspective of a single country or an IATI publisher.

The demonstration of d-portal will take place at the launch of the Aid Transparency Index – the annual report produced by Publish What You Fund tracking progress on publishing to the IATI standard. This follows an earlier preview of the d-portal to journalists from Uganda, Turkey, Pakistan, China and India at the Social Good Summit in New York last week.

Key features of d-portal include:

  • The ability to view reliable information through graphs, maps and tables of funding coming into a country from multiple stakeholders including donors, foundations and non-governmental organisations
  • The opportunity to follow the pathway of money all the way from donation down to individual project detail, and compare information from different data sources in one place
  • The ability to take the open source code behind d-portal and create country-specific versions, introducing more data and displaying information in a way specific to that country.

For more information, see our d-portal factsheet: insert link

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