Development Initiatives endorses the international Open Data Charter

Development Initiatives is pleased to announce official endorsement for the international Open Data Charter. Promoting openness is a critical element of driving more effective development decision making, and the international Open Data Charter process presents a major opportunity to realise the potential of open data as a key driver of sustainable development.

Harpinder Collacott, Executive Director at Development Initiatives, said, “We are fully committed to transparency and open data, exemplified in our work on the International Aid Transparency Initiative among other projects. We have been pleased to contribute to the discussions leading up to the drafting and launch of the Charter, which is why we are delighted to endorse it.

“Going forward, we remain strongly committed to the Charter process and look forward to our continued participation. In the coming years we will continue to support open data initiatives in the countries in which we work, collaborate with the Charter’s stakeholders on advancing joined up data and standards as well as operationalise the Charter’s principles across our organisation.”

The international Open Data Charter recognises the potential and importance of data openness in both advanced economies and developing countries, while recognising their particular needs and capacities. Its strong focus on enabling data usage, especially its principle of data comparability and interoperability, is timely and relevant.